May 30, 2013

5 Tips on how to make a music video with no budget.

Below is a music video that I made about two years ago. The instrumental was produced by Stevo. My wife and I came across the video today and I want to share some tipps with you if you are an artist who works with no budget.

  1. Let it flow (Creativity)Just because you have no budget, doesn't mean that you can't create fantastic art, right? Never let this be an excuse to anything you do in life and keep trying. Grab a pen and paper and do some brainstorming and don't let anyone disturb you.
  2. Write a screenplay
    Once you have a great idea, go to the next step: write a screenplay. All professional video producers can't work without screenplay. Simply draw the different scenes on a few sheets of paper and make sure you know exactly what you want it to look like for every part of your song.
  3. Any Digital Camera will do
    I used a canon (I think A2400) to record "Still Calling You". Now I might use much better equipment because I have access to it, but in general, anything that can record video footage will do. Again, at the end, it's all about how creative you are and what you do with your footage.
  4. Record and have fun
    Make sure you have a lot of time for the recording session. Plan at least with 5 - 6 hours for it. This really takes time. If you are a perfectionist, let things go a bit. Usually, when I let things go then I have even better ideas. Stick to your plan, but any amazing artist will tell you that the craziest things happen when you leave room for serendipity.
  5. Post production
    If you work all by yourself then any editing software will do. Take your time when editing your video, though. I would say one - two weeks. Once you are finished, don't watch the video two three days. It's not unusual that you end up changing quite a few things after that. Let a friend and a fan (or someone not too close to you) see the final version before you go online. If needed re-edit. Once finished: release it.

    Have fun and follow me on twitter: @mishoosuniverse

January 27, 2011

Videos: "Let Me" & "Forever" by Floacist


Wow. Seriously, amazing songs right there!!!

January 22, 2011

Interview: TDK Life on Record presents Nas


Wow. Amazing video with Nas being interviews about the times when we used tapes to record all songs on the radio. I still have around 50 tapes at home and I can't wait to buy a tapedeck to play them all. flashback.

Great marketing idea by TDK (Used their tapes all the time)!

January 13, 2011

Downloads: "Morning Fun" by Common and Vikter Duplaix


This here is one hell of a good song. I won't continue posting blogs if I don't get this type of quality sound. lol

Two of my favorite artists with a soulful come back on the scene.

Cheers! Thanks for sharing sebastian!

December 11, 2010

Music: "Random" & "Possibility" by Random feat. Mishoo


Here are two songs by Berlin based Rock band Random. We did the songs in 2007. Band leader Paul Eisenach, singer Giséle and I sat down and produced the songs. I mainly did the drums and the arrangement and it was later mastered by Dj Malik (Clueso). Scratches were made by Dj Mawdee & some by Dj Madsen. >> The band played live bass, keys and the horns section. Me and Paul recorded the drums in Timm "Timbo" Schreiner's studio. Timm plays in my band (A-Scholars / check out our album that I uploaded a few weeks ago).

I really like the two songs. Enjoy!

Soul: "There's nothing like this" by Omar ++


If You don't know UK Soul legend Omar, then you really need to check out more videos on You Tube! He worked together with Angie Stone, Common, etc.

December 5, 2010

Video: The Model (Chapter One & Chapter Two) by Seu Jorge and Almaz


Amazing video & music. Lovin it.

This film – loosely based around Almaz’s cover of Kraftwerk’s “The Model” - captures Jorge as he delves into his subconscious to examine the figure of a recurring dream: a woman - a model - who taunts and arouses; comforts and scares; perplexes and completes him. Presented by Now-Again Records and What Matters Most; exclusively (with an interview by Jorge) available at

December 4, 2010

Video: "Big Time" & "I get the feeling" by David Dallas


Listen to these good songs by New Zealand based MC David Dallas.
Sounds extremely fresh after listening (or not) to too many artists who sound like kanye West, B.o.B, Lil Wayne or Drake everywhere around the internet. I believe that it is extremely important for an artist to sound unique and I think the two songs I've heard so far were great enough to say that this guy has his own style.

sticking to it.

December 3, 2010

"In The Red" (Official Video) by Reflection Eternal


What make this song great are the details. You can tell that Talib and Hi Tek put time and effort in producing the song & video.

"I Love music.."

November 30, 2010

Download: "The $ (Madlib Remix)" by J Dilla


J Dilla - The $ (Madlib Remix) by stonesthrow

"The $ (Madlib Remix)" by J Dilla - Download
In 2008 we created a triple 12-inch box set, all based around our Miami Winter Music party Hella International. Parra did the sleeve. Madlib's remixes of two J Dilla tracks from Ruff Draft, "The $" and "Make 'em NV" appear here exclusively. Many of the other tracks – collabs between artists like Dam Funk & Baron Zen, Four Tet & Aloe Blacc, Percee P & Koushik, Madlib & Karriem Riggins (as Supreme Team) - also appear here first, and were later released the Chrome Children Vol. 2 CD. This remains the only vinyl release for most of these tracks.

This was a limited-edition release in 2008, and we only have a few copies now. We hope you enjoy it.

Oh wow.. you would even start bobbing your head to this tune if you were deaf.